Direct Acquirer of Underperforming Manufacturing Companies or Divisions
The Situation
The Snowball Effect
The Alternative
Westwood Approach

The Westwood Group, Inc. is a private investment company that was founded in 1998 to acquire underperforming, manufacturing divisions or companies ($7-100 milion of revenues) from corporations, private equity groups and individual or family holding companies.

Our management philosophy is based
upon the following principles:

  Decentralized management
and bottom line accountability
  Acquire with the intent of an immediate turnaround and to hold
  Adoption and commitment to Lean Manufacturing principles
  Best management practices
that result from our quarterly meetings with key executives
To Contact Us:
The Westwood Group, Inc.
c/o Keith Sterling or John Thach
18 Mystic Lane
Malvern, PA 19355
  Phone: 610-408-8006
Fax: 610-408-8007
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